The Churches
History - St Anne's Church, Carlecotes

St Anne's Church was built in the grounds of Carlecotes Hall in 1857, as a Private Chapel, by the then owners of the Hall, Mr & Mrs John Chapman.

Although a private chapel, it has always been open to all, serving not only the immediate village, but the surrounding rural areas of Townhead, Dunford Bridge, Foxhouses, and latterly the newer development of Crow Edge. It is accessed on foot from the road, by a path to the north, between the church and neighbouring farm.

In 1961, the owners of the hall, Mrs Adams and her son, Wing Commander J S L Adams decided to convey the church to the Diocese of Wakefield and it is now part of the Team Ministry.

The stone building has a very high pitched roof, which at one time gave problems due to the heavy stone slates falling! The more recent problem has been caused by the presence of bats, which although protected in law, do create an enormous nuisance.

Many repairs were undertaken in 1957, the centenary year, including improvement to the
heating. The old system was replaced by an oil-fired boiler, providing ducted hot air. This is very effective, and has been much appreciated, especially during the winter months when the weather at Carlecotes can be extreme.

The church was served by a Resident Chaplain; firstly the Rev. E D Jackson, followed by Rev. W C Dudley, who had been one of our first missionaries to New Zealand. Upon his death in 1879, the administration of the church passed to the Vicar of Penistone, who has been responsible for it ever since.

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